On-site Protocols

for all house inspections and on site appointments

  • Property must be vacated

    The inspector will confirm the property has been vacated. If the property is found to still be occupied, the inspector will either wait for the occupants to leave or cancel the inspection depending on circumstances. If any occupants wish to stay on-site, they will be asked to wait outside or in their vehicle until the inspection has been completed. The inspector will conduct the exterior inspection maintaining a 2-metre physical separation if any occupants choose to stay on-site but outdoors.

  • Equipment

    All inspection equipment will be set up outside of the inspector’s vehicle, including all PPE equipment and bags so that disposable gloves and other materials can be stored and/or removed without potentially contaminating the inspector’s vehicle. If the inspector needs to access his vehicle during the inspection, he will remove all PPE gear he is wearing and sanitise his hands before touching his vehicle, and sanitise again before putting his PPE gear back on.

  • Sanitisation

    The inspector will sanitise his hands and leave the sanitising material (bottles/wipes/sprays) in an easily accessible position for use when he has completed his inspection.

  • Access

    Contactless access is required and is agreed upon prior to the inspector arriving on site.

  • Prior to Entry

    The inspector will sanitise his hands, place a mask over his face, and put disposable gloves on.

  • Upon Exit

    After the inspection has been completed and upon exiting the home, the inspector will remove his mask and gloves and place them in a rubbish bag for disposal. He will then completely sanitise his hands and the equipment used on site before packing up and placing materials in his vehicle. Everything that goes in the vehicle will be sanitised to avoid cross-contamination. This will include all equipment used on site – ladders, moisture meters, cameras, tape measures, mirrors, phones, or tablets.


  • Confirmation received that all occupants are in good health prior to inspection
  • Property must be vacated
  • No on-site meetings with clients or agents
  • Contactless access arranged
  • Sanitisation (robust guidelines followed by the inspector)
  • PPE equipment (gloves and mask worn by the inspector)
  • We follow the NZIBI Health and Safety Guidelines
  • We have completed the Internachi Covid-19 Safety Guidelines Course for Home Inspectors