Health & Safety Policy

for all house inspections and on site appointments

During these challenging times, our policy is that the property must be vacated for the duration of each inspection and that contactless access arrangements be made. Any on-site meetings with clients will also not be possible.

We appreciate that this may be difficult for some people. If you are unable to vacate the home for whatever reason, please ensure you inform our company prior to the day of inspection to avoid cancellation as we will need to be satisfied that we can operate safely before proceeding.

Approximately 2-3 days prior to the inspection, we will email a questionnaire to the main occupant which will need to be submitted prior to the inspection date.

Further information about our on-site protocols can be found here.


  • Confirmation received that all occupants are in good health prior to inspection
  • Property must be vacated
  • No on-site meetings with clients or agents
  • Contactless access arranged
  • Sanitisation (robust guidelines followed by the inspector)
  • PPE equipment (gloves and mask worn by the inspector)
  • We follow the NZIBI Health and Safety Guidelines
  • We have completed the Internachi Covid-19 Safety Guidelines Course for Home Inspectors