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Scope of Report:  A visual assessment of the property was conducted to report on any significant defects in relation to its general condition and weathertightness risk features. This inspection was entirely non-invasive, entirely visual in nature, and related exclusively to the building identified within the report.  It is a record of observations on the day of inspection.  The inspection and report exclude Resource Consent issues, Building Consent issues, Code of Compliance Certificate issues, commentary on long-term maintenance considerations, Body Corporate issues, cross lease, and unit title issues, and any issues concerning the property title.

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This price is for a single dwelling of no more than 270sqm and that does not include an additional self contained flat or sleep out. For properties over this floor size or that do have a self contained flat, sleep out or outbuildings included, we will forward a quote to you for your approval.
The cost of this service is based per hour. We can give you a quote before proceeding if you would like.
The address of the property is outside our Queenstown catchment area, so will incur a travel charge additional to the price displayed below. We will be in touch to confirm this.
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This form is suitable for clients wishing to obtain a copy of a previously completed report on a property.

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Our standard terms and conditions can be found here.

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