Thermal Imaging Inspection

How thermal imaging can help you


  • locate loose or deteriorated connections quickly while equipment is under normal load
  • no need to shut down and ‘jiggle and pull’ to determine a bad connection
  • instant check of repair work done
  • locate underfloor heating
  • determine if circuits are overloaded
  • preventative / predictive maintenance
  • condition assessment
  • identify potentially dangerous and hazardous situations
  • prevent premature failure and extend equipment life
  • quality assurance


  • locate leaks quickly with no holes or damage to property necessary
  • find out the exact location of under floor hydro pipes
  • locate pipes in walls, ceilings and under floor
  • determine if hot water and wet back systems are operating correctly
  • quality checks on lagging and HVAC systems
  • inspections can also be performed whilst subject is either under load or during normal operating conditions

Leak Detection

  • locate leaks faster
  • prevent damage or having to remove wall linings unnecessarily
  • save financially by only using the relevant tradesperson to fix it – not find it

Underfloor Heating

  • locate wiring or hydro pipes for underfloor heating. This is extremely useful for renovation work as you can then concrete cut or re-locate
    items safely with peace of mind that no damage will be caused to the under floor heating
  • test if underfloor heating is in working order within certain zones.


  • Locate areas where insulation is missing
  • Save financially by preventing heat loss

Commercial Preventative Maintenance

  • eliminate the risk of any unexpected and costly downtime caused by equipment failure
  • implement cost effective maintenance solutions by detecting faults such as irregularities with machinery, bearings, electrical systems and water infiltration that could lead to mechanical failure.  These can be       diagnosed and repaired prior to causing total equipment failure and unexpected and expensive repair costs.
  • satisfy your insurance underwriter by providing a bi-annual Thermal Imaging Survey report.

What Is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is a fast and accurate way to save you or your business time and money!

Another term for thermal imaging is ‘infrared thermography’.  Thermography is a non-contact, non-invasive and realtime way to detect excessive temperature variations, heat loss, moisture and air infiltration and equipment failure.

A thermal imaging camera enables invisible infrared radiation to be converted into a visible image we can relate to, because a picture speaks a thousand words!  This technology is extremely useful for finding leaks, missing insulation, electrical faults, preventative maintenance and other issues.

Large and difficult to access areas can be scanned quickly highlighting areas requiring further inspection.  By utilising thermal imaging you are taking advantage of a technology that allows you to see what the naked eye cannot.

I congratulate you for your thoroughness. I am well impressed by your report and love that we get to know the little problems before they become big ones.

CJ Capper, Wanaka