Leak Detection

Minimise cost and damage by locating the leak faster

Locating the source of a leak can be one of the most frustrating and expensive exercises you ever undertake.

Often the first call is made to a plumber, roofer or builder when a persistent leak or moisture issue is occurring, however when the leak is not obvious and is hard to pin point, costs and damage can quickly escalate with still no result.

We have over 5 years experience in identifying difficult leaks and moisture problems that other tradespeople are unable to find.  We have the advantage of being widely exposed to various leak scenarios on a regular basis and our experience in the building inspection industry also enables us to identify defects or poor detail that others may not see.

Our company utilises a thermal imaging camera and capacitance moisture meter and by combining both these tools with our experience, we are confident that investing in our service will ultimately save you money and time by speeding up the solution.

Leak detection is carried out on an hourly rate basis


  • On site consultation
  • Utilisation of a thermal imaging camera and capacitance moisture meter
  • Experienced leak detective with a library of knowledge

Note: a written report with images can be provided at an additional cost (if required)

“The team are excellent at what they do and provide a prompt and efficient service that helped us save thousands! They provide an inspection report that is easy to read and make sense of and I highly recommend them to anyone. The report picked up things most people would overlook. Overall, an A Grade service by a company run by nice people who deliver!”

Andrew Martin, Queenstown