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The Queenstown Building Inspection & Thermal Imaging Specialists


With over 25 years practical experience in the building industry, we know our experience, attention to detail and reporting system can be matched by no other.

Licensed Building Practitioner

Certified Infrared Thermographer

Member of New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors


Our building inspections are conducted in line with the New Zealand Standard 4306:2005. Our business is small and our attention to detail is high. We will provide you with the information you need to help you make a decision on whether to buy or not, plan a renovation or prepare your property for sale.


Another term for thermal imaging is ‘infrared thermography’.   This technology can be extremely useful for finding leaks, missing insulation, electrical faults and other issues.  By utilising thermal imaging you are taking advantage of a technology that can allow you to often see what the naked eye cannot.


Locating the source of a leak can be one of the most frustrating and expensive exercises you ever undertake.  To save yourself time and money, make us your first point of call.  Our library of knowledge and experience in this field is extensive….. we are the Leak Detectives!

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