Engage a professional to tell you what your tenant or Property Manager cannot!

maintenance inspectionIf you own an investment property that is either rented out on a long term basis to tenants or on a short term basis to holiday guests, then this is the inspection that’s right for you!

Even if you think you have the perfect tenants or the most efficient Property Manager, the fact is it is unlikely that either of them will climb on your roof or detect damage that is not obvious to the eye, especially gradual damage. This is an area that usually falls outside their expertise and into ours!

VBPS is an independent company working only in the best interest of it’s clients. We will visit your property at your tenant’s convenience, conduct a thorough maintenance inspection and provide you with a written report and photos via email. We can also assist with repairs if need be and/or liaise with your Property Manager or tenants if required.

There’s no doubt that owning real estate is a large financial investment but maintaining it is a small one in comparison (especially when you have the added bonus of all repairs and maintenance being tax deductible!)

So call or email us now to schedule an annual Health Check for your property and have peace of mind that your investment is being well maintained!

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