Thermal imaging for PlumbersPlumbing Examples

  • Locate leaks quickly with no holes or damage to property necessary
  • Find out the exact location of under floor hydro pipes
  • Locate pipes in walls, ceilings and under floor
  • Determine if hot water and wet back systems are operating correctly
  • Quality checks on lagging and HVAC systems

Inspections can also be performed whilst subject is either under load or during normal operating conditions

Why Choose Us?

Many thermal imaging camera users are not actually certified or properly trained in the industry and are therefore limited in their ability to interpret infrared images or more worrying, interpret images incorrectly.

Mark van Beers is a Certified Infrared Thermographer having qualified from the world recognised Infraspection Institute of Certified Infrared Thermographers.

Our company also holds Professional Indemnity and General Liability Insurance.

We are not only qualified, certified and indemnified, we also pride ourselves on our enthusiastic approach to work and the professional and efficient service we deliver!

Choose our company and we will guarantee you will not be disappointed!